Bio and pricing

I am fortunate to have lived a wonderful and adventurous life, full of nature. My early adult life was filled with mountaineering, climbing in the US and internationally, biking, hiking. My love of mountains and wildflowers was snuck in every non-working moment. This love is now reflected in my photography. I have had the opportunity to travel widely overseas -sometimes to immerse myself in other cultures, sometimes to be with animals. Citizen science adventures with animals and ecology enabled my to delve more deeply into their habitat and biodiversity.

 Once retired, I launched into photography as a reflection of my love of outdoors and nature. Its peace. It's expanse. It's minute details. It's color. I hope to pass on this beauty and peace to others.

Pricing: I work with local providers to give you the highest quality and control of my art. If one of my photos has an unusual format, I am able to accommodate. Please contact me before ordering so we can confirm correct sizing for the photo that you have selected.

Paper prints, full chrystal archive paper

8x12 $50

12x18 $100

16x24 $150

20x30 $200

Metal with float hangers  (ready to hang)

16x24 $275 plus shipping

20x30 $500 plus shipping

24x36 $525 plus shipping

30x40 $900 plus shipping

40x60 $1200 plus shipping

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